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Mark Pryor Said I Could Keep My Insurance. He Was Wrong.

Updated: Apr 13

In 2009, after Obamacare passed the U.S. Senate, Senator Mark Pryor sent out a news release, bragging about the benefits of Obama’s plan:

Elements of this package will drive down costs for families, small businesses, and government; protect and expand an individual’s choice of doctors and insurance plans without any government interference; and assure affordable, reliable healthcare for every Arkansan.”

But Mark Pryor was wrong, on all accounts. Costs are going up, choices are going down, and yes, people are losing their healthcare plans. In fact, a new report from The Heritage Foundation shows that nearly 1.5 million people have now lost their health coverage due to Obamacare. Let me repeat that, in case you’re like Mark Pryor and think Obamacare has been an “amazing success story:” 1.5 million people have lost their health coverage due to Obamacare so far. And Heritage reports that it could get much, much worse: up to 16 million people could lose their health coverage on January 1 because their existing plans don’t meet Obamacare’s “minimum standards.” (As for the lack of “government interference” that Mark Pryor promised: I’d say government interference is at an all-time high.) I’m not sure if Mark Pryor was among the Obamacare supporters who knew this would happen, but I’d love to know if he still thinks Obamacare is an “amazing success.”

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