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Mike Beebe is One Million Times Smarter Than You (Updated!!!)

Updated: Apr 15

That headline is intended for every Republican legislator in Arkansas who voted for the pay raise for state officials, now that Gov. Mike Beebe sent notice to the Department of Finance and Administration that he’ll not accept the raise, thank you very much, because of “tough economic conditions” in Arkansas.

Let’s not put too fine a point on it: If you are a Republican legislator in Arkansas and you voted in favor of this pay raise, you are a hopeless failure and you never deserve to win anything in your entire life, never ever again. In fact, we should probably tie you up and put you on a horse backwards with a big dumb ceremonial mask or a maybe just a bucket on your head and send you off to a life of desert exile, like in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.”

And while I frequently make fun of Beebe, because that’s what I do, let’s doff our hats to him this day and salute his politically savvy move. Well-played, sir. Well…played. (I’m doing that thing where I clap real slow right now.)

UPDATE: I think these are the vote pages, but please correct me if I’m looking at the wrong thing and I’ll update the links accordingly:

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: If you’re a GOP legislator who voted for the pay raise and would like to stand up for yourself and your ilk, I’ll be delighted to publish your response here on The Arkansas Project. Send me a note via the contact page. In the meantime, I’ll be burning you in effigy in my yard, at least until my stupid neighbors call the cops again.

MORE UPDATING GOODNESS: A blogging John Brummett pronounces Beebe’s move “lame,” and rounds up responses from some of the other constitutional officers and legislators. Good stuff there.

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