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Milligan Stepping Down as GOP Chair

Updated: Apr 15

Milligan: Out as GOP Chair

Word is that Dennis Milligan, who has served as the chair of the Republican Party of Arkansas since 2007, told party officials today that he will be stepping down from the post.

I’ve poked some fun at Milligan here on the blog, because that’s what I do. But the fact is that he took on a job no one else was willing to take and did a good job with it, helping to deliver Arkansas to John McCain—by nearly 20 points!—and seeing the party pick up seats in the legislature in 2008. Note that both of these achievements occurred in a terrible environment for Republicans nationally. So give the man some credit for a job well done.

Now, after that bizarre and uncharacteristic detour into earnestness, who are the leading candidates to take on the job of GOP chair?

Update: The ever-industrious Jason Tolbert at The Tolbert Report blog chats with Milligan, who tells Tolbert that he’s not “stepping down,” he’s “just not seeking re-election.” I’m so glad he cleared that up with that completely meaningless distinction. Really, it makes me want to take back all those nice things I said.

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