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More Bloggers On Your Radio Box! (Update!)

Updated: Apr 15

American Idol's Kris Allen of Conway

In case you didn’t get enough of the Arkansas blogosphere’s radio clowning on The Buzz on Sunday, you’ll get another dose Wednesday when Arkansas Project partners in crime Lance Turner and Blake Rutherford will be on B98.5 in Little Rock at 8:15 a.m. Do tune in, won’t you?

According to Lance, they’ll be swapping recipes and talking about “American Idol,” which means the only way this thing could be any gayer would be if they were both to show up wearing matching pastel tank tops and hot pants.

UPDATE: Oh my God. They actually ARE swapping recipes and talking about “American Idol.” I honestly thought that they were just saying that as an April Fools joke to bait me into making fun of them. But it’s actually happening.

Oh, and they just played this song in honor of Blake. Seriously:

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