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Nerdy Technology Types Gathering Tonight, 6 p.m.

Updated: Apr 15

If you’re in Central Arkansas and a hopelessly nerdy enthusiast of all things information technology, don’t forget that tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 24) is the inaugural meeting of the Central Arkansas Refresh Community, the networking and education brainchild of area web guru Cotton Rohrscheib. (Don’t make me explain it all again — just click over here and read my last post on this issue.)

It’s at 6 p.m. in at the Starbucks at 9401 N. Rodney Parham Rd. in Little Rock. Right now, looks like we’ve got around 14 folks confirmed to attend on the Facebook page, and I’ve had a couple of others express interest offline. All are welcome; see you at 6 p.m.

UPDATE: Northwest Arkansas residents with an interest in social media, who may feel excluded from this event by geography, should know that there’s a group getting off the ground up your way to address similar issues. The Fayetteville Flyer blog reports they had their first meeting this morning, but you can sign up via Twitter to be alerted to future gatherings.

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