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New Development in Tina Sherman Nude Photos Case!

Updated: Apr 15

On the other hand, it gives us a chance to use this shot again.

Thanks to an Arkansas Project reader for sending along the link to the latest turn in the long-running tale of Tina Sherman of Bella Vista, Ark., whose nude photos found their way onto the Web, supposedly, when her husband left his cell phone at a McDonalds. The Shermans claim that McDonalds is liable and sued for $3 million.

Now McDonalds says “Not it!” and is suing some other character, because he’s the one behind this devilish scheme, the Morning News of NWA’s Ron Wood reports.

Whatever, who cares. I did another quick search on the Tina Sherman nude photos this morning and just got a bunch of static, so this story gets unsexier with every iteration.

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