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New Media Whippersnapper vs. Curmudgeonly Print Guy!

Updated: Apr 15

John Brummett vs. Kristin Fisher: Media Battle Royale

Last week, Arkansas News Bureau columnist John Brummett opined that all this gee-whiz technology the kids are using these days is overrated: “Why, back in my day,” quoth the curmudgeonly newspaperman, “we hammered out six stories a day on a rusty old Underwood typewriter, and we liked it that way, by cracky. Now get me rewrite!”

Well, maybe that’s not exactly what he wrote, but it was something like that.

Anyway, Brummett was offering up a skeptical perspective on the work of a Little Rock KATV reporter who’s pursuing a new media experiment in news-gathering by soliciting suggestions and feedback from viewers. She calls it “Choose Your News,” and it allows viewers to weigh in on the development of a story at each step of the way, from conception to broadcast.

Said reporter is Kristin Fisher, and she takes exception to Brummett’s dismissal of her work. She’s offering Brummett a friendly invitation to come on the air and talk with her about media and technology. And since she’s a feisty newcomer, she proffers the open invitation via her blog:

This kind of “new media” debate is exactly what Choose Your News is all about. That’s why I would like to formally invite Mr. Brummett to be a special guest on the Daily Debrief. I would love to learn from his many years as a “trained news hound.” And maybe, in return, I could teach him a thing or two about that crazy thing called Twitter.

Will Brummett accept? Will this meeting of the minds result in a generational breakthrough of understanding? Will we ever, ever get to see the REAL Tina Sherman nude cell phone photos? All this and more on this week’s… “Arkansas Project”!

Update: More on this epic showdown from the Think Thank’s Blake Rutherford, whose inattention to the “Tina Sherman nude cell phone photos” story has been nothing short of scandalous.

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