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North Little Rock Mayor Stands Up to Bully

Updated: Apr 15

North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays filed a complaint with police Wednesday against his principal opponent in Tuesday’s mayoral election, Bubba Lloyd, claiming Lloyd threatened him, the AP reports:

Hays said Wednesday that he and Lloyd were waving signs at an intersection on Monday when Lloyd allegedly said, “When this is over, I’m going to whip your a–.”Lloyd told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that he made no threat but acknowledged he was upset with Hays.Hays said he waited until after the election to file a complaint because he did not want to be seen as trying to score political points. But he said he felt it was necessary to report the threat and spoke with Police Chief Danny Bradley on Wednesday.“I wasn’t really worried,” Hays said. “But I’ve really never been threatened before. I felt like I ought to document it.”

Unclear from the news report is precisely what Lloyd allegedly threatened to do to Hays. “I’m going to whip your a–“? What on earth could the “a” stand for? I’ll admit it, I’m stymied. If only there were some kind of photographic clue that would give us some inkling of his intentions.

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