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Now Get Back to Work!

Updated: Apr 15

Arkansas legislators are terrible and so they took the day off today, but fear not, they’ll be back tomorrow, all fresh-faced and full of beans after a long weekend.

The Arkansas News Bureau offers a forecast of what’s to come this week, which is expected to include consideration of Attorney General  Dustin McDaniel’s initiative to make animal cruelty a felony. While this measure was rather controversial a couple of years ago, it appears that McDaniel’s brought everyone together to pass this thing now and no one will ever be mean to animals again.

To illustrate this newfound harmony, the Arkansas News Bureau website includes alongside the story this photo of an adorable little puppy, just in case there’s anyone out there who is still opposed to the animal cruelty bill (click on image for larger version with enhanced adorability). If you are one of those people, then the Arkansas News Bureau includes this photo so that you will know that you are a coldhearted wretch who wants the adorable little puppy in the photo to be tortured and killed. I hope you like having blood on your hands, jerk.

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