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NRSC: Obama Comes First For Pryor

Updated: Apr 13

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is out with a new web video and website that take aim at Senator Mark Pryor for his support of the Obama agenda. The web video, which you can see here, hits Pryor on his vote for Obamacare. It also highlights Pryor’s continued support for the vastly unpopular, unworkable, and unaffordable law — as recently as this summer. Pryor told KARK, in regards to Obamacare, “I think it was the right vote. I think it was good for Arkansas.” Strangely, the majority of Arkansans disagree. Pryor also told KARK:

“[Obamacare] was big, it was complicated. There’s no doubt we didn’t get it all right.” 

Didn’t get it all right? Wow, that’s putting it lightly. This is a bill that has already cost taxpayers billions, has cost folks their health insurance, has increased premiums, has missed half its implementation deadlines, is crushing small businesses — and it’s not even fully in effect yet. Meanwhile, the bill’s leading author of Obamacare is calling his own plan a “train wreck.” But hey, they did the best they could. You can’t always get it all right. Is that an acceptable answer for the disaster that Obama and Pryor have created? I think not. Here’s a snippet of the NRSC’s press release regarding the new site: and the video illustrate just how out of touch Mark Pryor is from his deciding vote for ObamaCare – which 55% of Arkansans oppose, to raising taxes on Arkansas families and repeatedly adding to our national debt.

While Arkansans, businesses, unions, and even authors of Obamacare are souring on the law, Mark Pryor is diggin’ in his heels.

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