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Nude Photos on Cell Phone Lead to Lawsuit (UPDATED)

Updated: Apr 15

You may have seen this story about Phillip and Tina Sherman, the couple in Bella Vista, Arkansas, who lost a cell phone that just happened to contain nude photos of the wife. They’re suing McDonald’s after a McDonald’s employee allegedly found the phone and uploaded the photos to the Internet, along with their personal information. They want $3 million for their trouble.

Since this is a high-quality professional blog that adheres to only the highest journalistic standards, I spent a good 2 hours running various image searches on Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Photobucket and assorted other photo sites to find said naked images to present to you, the Arkansas Project reader.

Then it occurred to me that that’s a pretty pathetic way to spend my time, and anyway, I don’t even know if this woman is hot enough to make it worth the effort. So I’m gonna give it another 2 or 3 hours, and if nothing shows up I’m hanging it up.

Update: OK, a reader sends this along, but I honestly don’t know if it’s reliable or not. A blog search turns up this Photoshop job of a sexy chick in lingerie layered onto an iPhone image with a McDonald’s logo superimposed. It’s being circulated as one of the “Tina Sherman” photos (the lingerie image, that is, not the iPhone image or McDonald’s logo, which would ostensibly be manipulations after the fact):

So is the woman in the lingerie Tina Sherman? What am I, Hugh Hefner? I don’t know. She’s not nude, but she is good looking, so unless and until verifiable photos of the real Tina Sherman emerge, let’s all just agree to pretend that this is what she looks like, because I have the feeling it’s much better than the reality.

Update to the Update: I see that the Drudge Report has now picked up on the story as well, which means that tens of thousands of perverts serious researchers the world over are, as we speak, putting their ninja web search skills to work digging up the (real) Tina Sherman photos.

Update to the Update to the Update: Here’s one guy who’s getting out there and saying that the photos are probably a hoax, a claim he makes based on the absence of evidence:

One problem, no photos and no alleged website where they reportedly taken down from.Nobody seems to be able to locate any photo other than the tired cropped one below.Some unscrupulous sites, in order to capture traffic, have resorted to “censoring” the image, or using ones like the shower image above. (which we found on google images) Some have even been making claims to posess video.This of course only leads to malware and viruses. So stop searching.We’ve searched high and low and have found no evidence of the validity of this story’s claim.

By the way, don’t you wish I covered Arkansas political developments with the same depth and dedication that I did this naked photos story?

Really? You do? Jesus, you are so lame.

Update X 4: That ain’t Tina Sherman in the Photoshop image above. It’s actress Chyler Leigh, who’s apparently on “Grey’s Anatomy.” I don’t watch that show, because I am a heterosexual male, but I’ll get Arkansas Project Girlfriend (APG) to confirm it for me, since she does. That is, if APG’s still talking to me after all the attention I’ve given this topic over the last two days. We might as well go ahead and put that question in the “Unconfirmed” folder as well.

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