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Obama-Bayh? Not So Much

Updated: Apr 15

Bayh: This guy

Bayh: Not this guy

The Drudge Report is claiming that Barack Obama’s vice presidential pick is U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh from Indiana, based on reports that a Kansas City company has been printing up “Obama-Bayh ’08” bumper stickers. And since I don’t have anything better to do…sure, why the hell not? Let’s say it’s Bayh. Until I hear something different, at which point I’ll delete this post as if nothing ever happened.

Update: Now Drudge has a note saying that it’s not going to be Bayh, which is a real shame, because I was busily working up cleverly punning headlines that incorporate the Indiana senator’s name to use over the next two months: “Bayh the Way,” “Best Bayh,” “Bayh American,” “Bayh Your Side,” “Bayh-er Beware,” “Bayh the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “Take a Bayht out of Crime”…It goes on like that.

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