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Obama Picks Biden

Updated: Apr 15

Biden: This guy

Biden: This guy

All that stuff below about Barack Obama picking Sen. Evan Bayh for VP? Yeah, never mind. Thanks for nothing, Drudge Report. It’s Sen. Joe Biden, which was, somewhat incomprehensibly, announced in a text message around 4 a.m. Saturday morning.

Arkansas Business blogger Lance Turner notes that he got his text message shortly after 3 a.m. and suggests that the Obama campaign’s much-ballyhooed texting tactic for anouncing the VP pick was a bit of a debacle. But Turner finds a silver lining:

It was an unfortunate misstep after a week of masterful buildup and incredible information gathering by the campaign. Wouldn’t you love to know how many phone numbers, e-mail addresses and Twitter followers Obama added to his databases this week? What a resource.

What a resource, indeed.

Meanwhile, over at the Think Tank, Blake Rutherford argues that Biden’s a good pick for Obama. Color me skeptical.

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