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Oh, Tina Sherman, How I Have Missed You (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

A note from LT apprises us that the long-awaited Tina Sherman/McDonalds/nude photos case is going down today, and we’re getting updates from Morning News of NWA reporter Christopher Spencer on the Twitter, of course. Perhaps most importantly, it means I get to use the not Tina Sherman photo again, after an absence of many weeks.

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall! And more importantly, let’s get a look at that evidence table. TwitPics, please, Mr. Spencer.

UPDATE: McDonalds wanted the suit dismissed, but the judge says ‘no dice,’ reports the Northwest Arkansas Times Scott “F.” Davis.

Best part of the story: Sherman’s attorney notes that “more than 1 million people have searched Google looking for information about the case after the story about her clients’ lawsuit made international news.”

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