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Overheard at the Watch Party….

Updated: Apr 15

Dan Greenberg: Needs a hobby to fill his days

I spent a few hours Tuesday evening with a small gathering of friends watching election results. It was all GOP types, so that should give you a sense of how cheery a gathering it was. I’ve attended funerals with more positive energy.

Also in attendance was Arkansas Project contributor and state Representative Dan Greenberg, who was accompanied by his wife. As you may know, Greenberg was a vocal opponent of the ballot measure to allow annual sessions of the state legislature, which he criticized as the road to big state government. His efforts were for naught, as the annual sessions measure passed easily.

Which made this exchange all the more entertaining:

Guy at party: Man, I can’t believe that annual sessions proposal is going to pass. Mrs. Greenberg: I voted for it. Guy at party: Really? Didn’t your husband lead the opposition to that? Mrs. Greenberg: Yeah, but I really thought it would be a great way to get him out of the house a little more.
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