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Palin? Yep, It’s Palin

Updated: Apr 15

Whats that saying about girls that wear glasses?

What's that saying about girls that wear glasses?

I’m getting phone calls and e-mails saying John McCain’s VP pick will be Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. At least one of them comes from what I would consider a reliable source. The others…something less than reliable. The Drudge Report is fronting it, too, but Drudge burned me last week with his stupid Evan Bayh report, so screw him.

Oh, and Alaska Magazine (What? I have a subscription. You don’t? Loser) named Palin “America’s Hottest Governor,” but that’s only because they’ve never seen Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe with his shirt off.

Update: It’s true. No, not the part about “America’s Hottest Governor.” Palin is McCain’s VP pick.

Oh, OK, the other thing is true, too.

Is this sexist? Or just true? Let's go with true.

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