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Pressing Questions On State Lottery (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

An Arkansas Project reader e-mails:

Some of us were pondering the great question of the day: Who will be Ball-Puller-in-Chief for the Arkansas State Lottery? David Bazzel? Leslie Basham? One of the local newsreaders on the TV who qualify as a celebrity?Nay.There’s only one man for this job….

(answer at jump)

(Art courtesy of John Deering)

UPDATE: An Arkansas Project reader in the broadcast community e-mails to report that most states don’t actually do the live ball-pulling anymore:

A couple of months ago I did a little informal checking and can’t find any state except Illinois (WGN) that broadcasts the actual drawing on a live basis. There may be others, but I’m not aware of them. I’m told that when Missouri started its lottery it spent a lot of money putting a satellite uplink at its lottery headquarters so TV stations could carry the drawing live. That lasted about a year and the stations lost interest. The equipment now sits there unused. Now TV stations in most states just crawl the numbers across the screen after they’ve been given the numbers by the lottery commission.

The more you know!

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