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Pressly Attack a Random Act of Violence?

Updated: Apr 15

KATV anchor Anne Pressly

The assault on news anchor Anne Pressly of Little Rock’s KATV earlier this week may have been a random act, with no ties to Pressly’s high profile in the community, say police. The AP reports:

“Right now, it’s being treated as a random incident,” police Sgt. Cassandra Davis said. “It’s unfortunate that it was Ms. Pressly, a news reporter, someone that’s visible in the community. With what we have, we can only treat it as a random attack, that being a robbery.”Investigators had considered whether a stalker or someone in the news recently may have assaulted the anchorwoman, but Davis said there was no evidence of that.“We have not received a lot of tips,” Davis said.

Pressly’s family issued a statement yesterday saying that she is expected to recover, but has a “long struggle” ahead of her. (Full text of family’s statement)

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