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Rumor Mongering: Morning News Resists Layoffs?

Updated: Apr 15

Well, the title has a question mark at the end, which can only mean it’s time for more Arkansas Project rumor mongering! Nothing goes better on a Friday than the mongering of a few rumors, I’ve found. Let’s get to it:

A tipster sends along word that the ax that swung through Stephens Media newsrooms last week, reported here on The Arkansas Project, has yet to draw much blood at the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas. But it’s not for want of trying on the part of Stephens bosses….

Our correspondent indicates that Morning News management was instructed to lay off about 20 people, including cuts to the news staff, but that thus far they’ve only cut 3 and are resisting further bloodshed.

Tipster indicates that word is getting around through the Stephens network and that it’s depressing morale among employees further:

“Nobody can understand how the Morning News can ignore orders from Las Vegas and get away with it. This is especially true since the Morning News is one of the least profitable papers in the chain.”

If true, it’s hard to see how they could “ignore orders” from higher-ups. Perhaps they’re dragging their feet?

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