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Sanders: Arkansas a ‘Pawn’ in Global Warming Scare Scheme

Updated: Apr 15

A swell column today from David Sanders, who goes all factual on the absurd scam that is the Arkansas Governor’s Commission on Global Warming. Sanders does a little digging into the advocacy group behind the commission’s recommendations, and suggests that Arkansas taxpayers are being played for suckers:

If enacted into law, there is little evidence that the group’s 54 policies would have any appreciable affect on global warming, but instead would drain money from the state budget and stifle much needed economic growth by making Arkansas one of the only states in the region to adopt a new set of punitive and confiscatory environmental policies.

You can read all of Sanders’ column here. Or if you’re like me, preferring lively, colorful moving pictures to dense argumentation (reading is hard!), you can just watch this, which pretty much stands as the definitive treatise on climate change hysteria:

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