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Sanders on Obama’s Mojo

Updated: Apr 15

Arkansas News Bureau columnist David Sanders examines the shift in the presidential race following both national party conventions, as the GOP ticket finds its footing and the Dem ticket loses its stride—at least for now. Sanders writes

Austin Powers, the British not-so-secret agent played by comedian Mike Myers, called it “mojo” and, when he lost it, it took him an entire movie to get it back. Whatever it’s called, there is a big question that looms large: Can the glitzy Democratic nominee replicate a Hollywood story line and get rid of what’s causing the problems and get back to what was working before the show ends?

So does that mean McCain is “Dr. Evil” in this formulation? I’m not sure where Sanders is going with this….

Meanwhile, despite renewed GOP enthusiasm and a bump in the polls for McCain, remember that it all comes down to electoral votes, where Obama still looks to enjoy a lead in the count. Over at the Think Tank, Blake Rutherford is keeping close track, and you should, too.

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