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Speech Therapy: Palin Delivers

Updated: Apr 15

Without electricity, I threw open the windows and whiled away a pleasant Wednesday evening sipping cocktails and listening to the rain fall. However, it meant that I missed Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s speech at the GOP convention, so I can’t provide any real response right now. I’ll watch it later on YouTube.

Palin punches

But from what I can gather in a quick scan of the headlines—and by Max Brantley’s sudden silence on the topic of Palin over the Arkansas Times blog—the speech was a home run, in the phrase that keeps popping up in items from my RSS feed. (The front page of the Drudge Report this morning tells you what you need to know.)

Of course, the reaction was predictable along partisan lines: Right-leaning audiences adored it, while liberal-leaning audiences are grumblingly dismissive. But there’s a distinctive glum and sour tone to the liberal commentary, rather than the gleeful celebration that they’ve indulged in over the last few days as they tried to knock Palin down.

Am I ready to join the Palinistas just yet? Don’t rush me! But I’m increasingly heartened by the response to her RNC speech and by the fact that she’s driving the Dems down the path of political derangement. But that’s just my preliminary “reading the media tea leaves” impression—I promise I’ll try to come up with more on all this later today when I’ve had a chance to watch the speech.

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