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Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 16

Updated: Apr 15


Gearing Up: Now Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is busy raising money for his 2010 re-election, though his ’06 campaign owes him several hundred thousand dollars. But will he be able to withstand the TYLER DENTON JUGGERNAUT? (AP)

Salaryman: Arkansas GOP chair Doyle Webb will get $60K per year for his troubles. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Carrying On: Interesting perspective piece on availability of concealed carry weapon permits, from a concealed carry instructor. (The City Wire)

FroshPit: CapSearch offers video interviews summing up the ’09 legislative session from freshman legislators. (CapSearch)

Kid Stuff: Blogger Jason Tolbert posts family photos of the new lil baby boy that arrived last week. (The Tolbert Report)

Do NOT Listen To This Man: Blogger Lance Turner lists his picks for “10 Arkansans Who Should Be Blogging,” which is a terrible idea, because at least seven of those listed almost certainly should NOT be blogging, under any circumstances whatsoever. C’mon people, we don’t want another Dustin McDaniel situation on our hands. (This Is My Blog By Lance Turner)

Parasitic: Blogger Blake Rutherford takes apart the latest sad sad reflection on the sad death of newspapers from sad columnist Gene Lyons, who is very very saddened by these latest sad developments in his sad industry, and oh yeah he laments the emergence of all these smug young “bloggers,” too. In other news, I’m taking up a collection to compensate Blake for the agony of having to read a Gene Lyons column, something I hope to never have to experience. Please give. (Blake’s Think Tank)

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