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Stuff From Around Arkansas, April 3

Updated: Apr 15

Here is some stuff, and it comes from around Arkansas. Also, it is Friday, so here is an Arkansas Patriot Girl, a golden-tressed temptress, this one, to reward you for all your hard work this week.

Here We Go With This Again: In Virginia, Mike Huckabee makes a signature weak-ass joke and, on cue, all the usual nitwit suspects begin to hyperventilate and overreact. (AP)

The Killing Joke: Blogging gun nut John Anderson says don’t believe the hype on the concealed carry permit list deal: “Calling it a compromise is kind of a joke. It’s more realistic to call it a hijacking.” (ARCCA Blog)

Profiles in Courage: Columnist John Brummett continues to be uncommonly ridiculous. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Big Boss Man: Here are four Arkansas senators who are vying for the privilege to do as they’re told by Gov. Mike Beebe lead the Senate in the 2011 legislative session. (Talk Business)

Dig, If You Will, A Picture: Blogger Zack Stovall is too damn lazy to craft a funny caption for a photo and so he wants you to do it for him. Sheesh, this guy. (Unfamous First Words)

Name Game: Central Arkansas-based Pulaski Bank is to be renamed “IberiaBank FSB” in an apparent bid to sound as much as possible like something you would find in a Nigerian scam e-mail. (Arkansas Business)

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