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Stuff From Around Arkansas, August 27

Updated: Apr 14

God Given: Columnist John Brummett thinks possible Senate candidate Tom Cotton may be “God’s gift to Arkansas Republicans.” But how will Cotton fare in primary match-up against Sen. Gilbert Baker? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Madame Chairman: Sen. Blanche Lincoln is posited as in line to take over the Senate Ag committee. Wait, “posited”? Who the hell writes these headlines? (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Rifle Shot: Eagle-eyed gun nut John Anderson catches reporting snafu on assault weapon in local news broadcast. (ARCCA Blog)

Let ‘Em In: Green Party sues Arkansas for ballot access. (AP)

Pie Chart: The Radical Returns blog features nice video explanation of Obamanomics from Penn and Teller. (The Radical Returns)

Steady As She Goes: Blake Rutherford says “cool your jets” on those terrible Blanche Lincoln poll numbers. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Deseg Funding Plan Posited: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says proposal to phase out deseg funding is better than the alternatives. I have no idea what that means. And I’m betting you don’t care. So let’s go look at gratuitous photos of hot chicks doing yoga instead. Hooray! (Arkansas News Bureau)

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