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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 16

Updated: Apr 15

Eternal winter descends on Arkansas....

Always Winter; Never Christmas: It’s just a little snow and ice, Arkansas. Quit acting like you fell through the back of the wardrobe and you and your army of talking animal friends are getting ready for an epic battle with the White Witch. (AP)

Never Say Die: Arkansas electors cast their votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin, the losing ticket in the ’08 presidential race, in a final depressing and humiliating ritual that serves as a capstone to an election that most Republicans would just as soon forget. But, hey, they nailed Arkansas! Who’s with me? (Morning News of NWA)

Hero Dog: A dog saves a Van Buren woman from carbon monoxide poisoning after her home heating unit springs a leak. I don’t really have anything funny to say about this; I just happen to like stories about heroic dogs. I also like videos of cats flushing the toilet. You should probably keep these facts in mind when you’re shopping for my Christmas present. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

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