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Stuff from Around Arkansas, Dec. 31

Updated: Apr 15

Pryor and Lincoln flex Senate muscle, via U.S. mail

Take a Letter: Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor are among senators who have indicated via a strongly worded letter that indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich shouldn’t attempt to appoint anyone to fill Barack Obama’s seat. Like he did yesterday. Because there’s nothing that a villainously corrupt politico fears like a strongly worded letter. (Arkansas News Bureau)

ERA DOA?: Dem state Rep. Lindsley Smith pledges to bring back her push for the Equal Rights Amendment in the ’09 session. While she’s bringing back unnecessary things from the early ’80s, I hope she’ll get “WKRP in Cincinnati” back on the air. I loved that show. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Plant Science: A Rhode Island manufacturing concern with interests in Arkansas will move two plants from Newport to Pocahontas. In a related story, I’m thinking of moving two plants over closer to the window. These peace lilies just aren’t getting enough light. (AP)

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