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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 12

Updated: Apr 15

The Reckoning: Gov. Mike Beebe’s tobacco tax hike is up for vote in Arkansas Senate today (AP), and Roby Brock’s Political Buzz blog is counting noses. He points to three Republicans to watch. (The Political Buzz)

Homecoming: Some guy named Bill Clinton will address Arkansas legislature next week. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Charley Pride

Please Kill Me:Panel endorses rules for budget session.” Whenever I read headlines like that, I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I decided to started blogging about this crap. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Pride of the Capitol: Country music troubadour Charley Pride stops by the Arkansas Senate to sing some of his hits. Wait, what? Yeah, all right, that’s what it says.

Afterwards, Pride was invited to join the Arkansas Black Legislative Caucus as an honorary member, while Rep. Richard Carroll looked on dejectedly from the other side of the room, a lonely tear streaming down his cheek. (AP)

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