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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 5

Updated: Apr 15

Endgame: Cigarette tax hike vote in the Arkansas House of Representatives is today and you can watch it on a TV box near you! I was going to watch, but now I’m all sucked into this MASH rerun. Ha ha ha! Oh, Klinger, will you EVER get your Section 8 discharge? (AP)

Retirement Planning: If you’re a Stephens Media employee, your life just got perceptibly worse. And there you were thinking that wasn’t possible! (Lance Turner’s Unimaginatively Titled Blog)

Explosive: Head of state medical board seriously injured when a bomb planted in his car explodes. I think we can all agree that that is one seriously f’d up story. (New York Times)

Bummed: State education chief says there may be no spring break for Arkansas schools due to ice storms. But it’s senior year and I was finally gonna lose my virginity! (Arkansas News Bureau)

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