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Stuff from Around Arkansas, February 9

Updated: Apr 15

Lincoln: The Populist?

Populism Fatigue: City Wire scribe Michael Tilley has sharp words for Sen. Blanche Lincoln and other members of Congress complaining about executive compensation and such: “This populist demagoguery is wearing quite thin,” he writes. (The City Wire)

Indian Burn: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hearts Arkansas, and says Republicans had it coming in ’06 and ’08. (Morning News of NWA)

Meet the New Boss: Arkansas Dems boast a new leader in Arkadelphia attorney Todd Turner. (KATV)

Coon Squad: With the White House under raccoon attack, enterprising Sherwood business boldly steps up to offer varmint removal services. Where’s this guy’s bail-out? (Talk Business)

Combat Ready: Good Andrew Demillo analysis piece on Arkansas House Republicans “combative stance” (highly approved of by The Arkansas Project) on cigarette tax hike vote last week. Unfortunately, their efforts fell short, so now they’re just going to resort to throwing things. (AP)

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