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Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 20 (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Net sensation Obama Girl: Seriously, how many electoral votes was she worth?

In With the New: It’s Inauguration Day, which means everyone’s going to be tripping over one another to mark the historic occasion with the most portentous and pompous commentary imaginable. Skip all that and just go read Blake’s Think Tank, where Blake Rutherford’s blogging up a storm from the chilly scene in Washington, D.C., with photos and everything. Update: OK, Blake sucks and he’s not updating, so go read this instead(Blake’s Think Tank)

Number One with a Bullet: Blogger Jason Tolbert, concerned that everyone doesn’t think he’s a huge enough dork, compiles a list of his top ten favoritest bills of the Arkansas legislative session so far. Apparently, this will be a weekly feature. Yeah, I’m just gonna let that one sink in a little. (The Tolbert Report)

Home Proud: Lawmaker seeks restrictions on home schooling, and will almost certainly regret it after he sees the tsunami response it will likely spark from the home school crowd. Those guys are hard core. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Smoke Shop: Tobacco merchant says higher cigarette taxes will create a black market for smokes. Sounds like someone’s been looking at my business plan. (AP)

Kids Stuff: The Arkansas Times prepares to launch what looks to be the most chilling and terrifying publication in the history of Western civilization. (The Horror. The Horror.)

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