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Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 23 (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Gun Show: Tolbert Report says the GOP is “bringing in the big guns” to fight cigarette tax hike. The biggest gun in this arsenal? Dick Armey, who was in Congress like 20 years ago. Great. I think we’d have better luck if we brought in THESE big guns.** (The Tolbert Report)

This Week at the Capitol: It’s legislative madness as the AP’s Andrew Demillo rounds up everything you need to know. (AP)

Tax Talk: Roby Brock’s Political Buzz blog is your one-stop shop for news on the state of the cigarette tax debate, and let me tell you it’s an exhausting read. You’ll probably need to break for a smoke afterwards. (The Political Buzz)

Surviving the Game: Arkansas bucks nationwide trend by showing increase in hunting licenses, but overall trend is still down. Yet I’m still not allowed to capture homeless people, take them to my private woodland reserve and hunt them for sport. Where’s the justice? (Arkansas Times)

**UPDATE: Y’know, now that I think about it, I probably should have noted that you may not want to click on that link in the first item if you’re at the office, because it may be NSFW. And by “may be,” I mean “probably is.”

So if you’re at the office and you clicked on that link and then had to have an uncomfortable conversation with your employer about what’s appropriate for the workplace, please let me know, so that I can extend a heartfelt apology. No, I’m just kidding, I only want to know so that I can laugh at you for being such an assclown.

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