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Stuff from Around Arkansas, January 9

Updated: Apr 15

Women’s Work: Via the House Speaker’s site, here’s a KTHV report on women serving in the legislature. Female legislators? Dear heavens! Why, next thing you know we’ll have lady drivers on the roads! (Robert “Robbie” Wills/KTHV)

Reinhold a candidate for federal bench? Sure, let's start that rumor, why not. All right, Hamilton!

Smoke Signals: Northwest Arkansas legislators don’t like tax hikes, but on the other hand they do want a new medical school facility. Whatever will they do? (Arkansas News Bureau)

Judge Not: Sen. Blanche Lincoln is quietly conducting interviews with federal judgeship hopefuls. I suggest occasional Little Rock resident Judge Reinhold. That’s right, now I’m stealing jokes from “Arrested Development,” and not even the good ones. (Arkansas Times)

Sunshine State: The Tolbert Report offers video interview with Rep. Dan Greenberg on his new FOI bills. It’s interesting enough, but I’ve seen better production values in an al-Qaeda hostage video. (The Tolbert Report)

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