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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 10

Updated: Apr 15

Light posting lately because I’ve been busy and because I find much of the recent political news boring and inane.

Plus I put up a new bird feeder in the back yard last week and I’m locked in a titanic battle of wits with a squirrel who thinks it’s all his. To date, the squirrel is winning. Handily.

Anyway, here is some stuff. It comes from around Arkansas:

China Doll: Good news: House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills is headed to Taiwan! Bad news: He’s coming back! (Robbie Wills)

Area 51: Chalk up Republican Anna Grizzle and Democrat Craig Jones as candidates for House District 51. (The Tolbert Report)

Healthy Choice: Rep. Mike Ross and other Blue Dog Democrats put the bite on health care reform bill. (CNN)

Sex Angle: Was the mayor of Waldron murdered because he was paying his killer’s wife for sex? (Southwest Times Record)

Thinking Cap and Trade: Here’s Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s position on controversial cap and trade legislation. She’ll “do what’s right for Arkansas,” which I guess means she’ll vote against the bill and kick Sen. Harry Reid in the balls for even bringing it up. (Talk Business)

Delta Force: Advocacy group fears that Obama’s failure to appoint Delta Regional Authority leaders may lead to economic stagnation and poverty in the Delta. That would be terrible, if something like that were to happen. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Jackpot!: Quickest way to get rich: Winning the Arkansas lottery. Second quickest way: Working for the Arkansas lottery. (USA Today)

On the Waterfront: Unions are complaining about an anti-card check ad they claim is “false and misleading,” which probably means that it’s “funny and effective.” (Arkansas Times) Let’s take a look:

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