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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 14

Updated: Apr 15

Challengers: Will GOP Rep. John Boozman face a Republican primary challenge? (Arkansas Watch)

Jackpot, Again: Grant County sheriff hired to head up Arkansas lottery security at $115,000. OK, now they’re just TRYING to piss everyone off. (AP)

Destimulating: Education blogger Jay Greene wonders why federal stimulus dollars are being used to pay summer school teachers in Fayetteville double what they’d normally make.  (Jay P. Greene Blog)

Clerical Work: Pulaski County Clerk Pat “Patrick” O’Brien raised $122,000 for his bid to be the next Arkansas Secretary of State. (Arkansas Times)

Drink Up, Pay Up: If you liked higher taxes on cigarettes, you’ll love higher taxes on alcohol! (The Tolbert Report)

Ambassadorial: Sen. Mark Pryor went and sparked an international diplomatic incident, pissing off the entire British empire over cap and trade, and now we’re going to have to refight the War of 1812. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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