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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 17

Updated: Apr 15

Oh, all right, then, we’ll do a “Stuff Around Arkansas” post. But it’s gonna be a quick one, because the mushrooms are about to kick in.

Walking It Back: House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills receives permission from Gov. Mike Beebe that’s it cool to criticize lottery salaries now. (The Tolbert Report)

Flailing: Capsearch has video of embattled Arkansas lottery director Ernie Passailague trying to explain away his problems, with the help of a whiteboard. And of course he is laughably ineffectual at it. (Capsearch)

Gasbag: Cow farts are the wave of the future for energy, says Roby Brock. (Talk Business)

Get Me Rewrite!: Mike Huckabee will guest edit “Politics” magazine. Here’s hoping he does for the magazine what he’s done for the FOX News Saturday night line-up. (Blake’s Think Tank) RecessionWatch: Arkansas unemployment at 7.2 percent, so you’re probably having to read this on your iPhone as you and your jobless pals warm your hands around a trash can fire. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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