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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 2

Updated: Apr 15

2012 Watch: “Is Mike Huckabee the new Jesse Jackson?” the headline asks. I’m going to say “no,” until he starts talking in rhyming couplets and fathering illegitimate children. (Includes a terrifying Photoshop job that will haunt your nightmares.) (The Five Thirty Eight)

Whaaaa…?: Wait, is that liberal columnist John Brummett saying something nice about GOP state legislators Davy Carter, John Burris and Jonathan Dismang? No, no, that’s impossible—I must have misread it. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Ed.-Case: In case you were wondering if Oxford American editor Marc Smirnoff is a raving psychotic, I believe we can answer that question with a definitive “yes.” (Oxford American)

From the Right: Newbie conservative blogger John Allison III attends a campaign event for potential GOP Senate candidate Curtis Coleman and likes what he sees. (America, You Asked For It) Blinded Me With Science: Little Rock may get a research park, meaning I’ll finally have a place to conduct my experiments on the effects of gamma rays on the human body. (Talk Business)

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