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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 22

Updated: Apr 14

Smoked Out: On third anniversary of state ban on smoking in restaurants, anti-smoking zealots call for strengthening of the law, presumably to include rounding up smokers and housing them in re-education camps in remote corner of Newton County. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Screwed: Alabama Republican Congressional candidate goes tens of thousands of dollars into the red due to expenses from Mike Huckabee endorsement. I don’t think it’s supposed to work that way, is it? (The Hill)

Eyes on Ernie: Blogger Jason Tolbert has video of embattled Arkansas lottery boss Ernie Passailaigue turning on the charm with reporters at Little Rock lunch. And by “turning on the charm” I mean “getting testy and defensive,” of course. Or will a new legislative report requested by GOP Rep. Jonathan Dismang exonerate Ernie P.’s free-spending ways? (The Tolbert Report)

Dipsticks: GOP Rep. Allen Kerr is looking into phenomenon of “double-dipping” elected officials, a hopelessly corrupt practice explained nicely here. (The Arkansas Times)

Holding Out for a Hero: Blogger Zack Stovall evaluates the “Ricky Randoms” crowding into the 2010 U.S. Senate race on the GOP side. (Unfamous First Words) The Living Dead: Zombies! In Rogers! Oh, it’s just a movie shoot…OR IS IT?!? (Benton County Daily Record)

Clock-Watcher: Here’s columnist David Sanders checking in on Democratic Rep. Mike Ross’s efforts to slow down the runaway train of health care reform. That’s probably a very good idea. (Arkansas News Bureau)

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Another poll from multimedia impresario Roby Brock, today looking at where Arkansans get their news. If you work in the newspaper business, don’t even click on this link. Just weep quietly for a few minutes and then go fill out that law school application you’ve been keeping stashed in your desk. (Talk Business)

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