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Stuff From Around Arkansas, July 27

Updated: Apr 14

Bay of Hogs: Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe launches planned invasion of Cuba. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Mortal Combat: Blogger Blake Rutherford is a pinko and a pussy. (Blake’s Think Tank)

No Surprise: The poor and minorities are the most likely to play the lottery, based on study of buying patterns in South Carolina. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Trigger Happy: Sen. Mark Pryor’s office explains his recent flippin and a’floppin’ on concealed carry vote in Senate to gun nut blogger John Anderson. (ARCCA Blog) The Drowning Pool: Independent candidate Trevor Drown of Russellville joins the 2010 field to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Can he get the signatures to get on the ballot? (The Tolbert Report)

Big Dipper: The Arkansas Times owns the double-dipping story about state employees and elected officials “retiring” and then collecting both official pay and pensions. What did Gov. Beebe know and when did he know it? (The Arkansas Times)

Big Dog: Recalcitrant Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Mike Ross explains how it’s gonna be on health care bill. With video! (Talk Business)

Tony! Toni! Tone!: Ohhhh, so THAT’S how you set up a multimillion dollar apocalyptic ministry that allows you to prey on young girls! I told you that windowless van idea of yours would never work. (AP)

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