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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 12

Updated: Apr 15

Wrong Number: If you came here looking for details on the Arkansas lottery bill, boy, did you ever come to the wrong place. You meant to stop by Roby Brock’s blog. I’ll wait here while you go check that out. (Talk Business)

Travel Voucher: A spiffy proposal from GOP Rep. Ann Clemmer would cut down on Arkansas legislators’ abuse of travel reimbursements, so of course it has to be voted down thunderously. (AP)

Sad Tolbert: So much for the Jason Tolbert Transparency Act, ha ha loser. (Blake’s Think Tank)

Halter Top: Arkansas’ own Bill Halter is the new King of the Lieutenant Governors, hooray! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Cuba Libre: Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Rep. Marion Berry want to open up relations with Cuba. Hmm, I think I can get behind this. Yes. Thumbs up. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

2 Fast 2 Furious: Rep. Dan Greenberg has some new bill dealing with drag racing, and as he explains to FOX 16, “If my wife and I have two cars and we’re at the bookstore and I say ‘I bet I get home before you do’, that’s not the sort of thing that we’re seeking to regulate.” Why do I get the feeling he didn’t just pull that example out of the air? I think we just got a glimpse of what constitutes “date night” for the Greenbergs. (FOX 16)

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