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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 13 (Updated!)

Updated: Apr 15

Her again? Sure, why not, it's Friday.

Moneybags: Northwest Arkansas’ own Walton family is ranked on Forbes list of billionaires. In a related story, I found an unopened chalupa on the ground next to my car in the Taco Bell parking lot that must have slipped out of someone’s bag, so I’m having a pretty good day, too. (Arkansas Business)

More Twitter Stupidity: Defendant on the losing end of a $12.6 million judgment wants retrial because an idiot juror broadcast his thoughts about the trial on Twitter. Of course. (Lance Turner’s Unimaginatively Titled Blog)*

It Begins: Bored with the legislative session? Max Brantley’s rounding up a few announced candidates for state legislature in 2010. (Arkansas Times)

This Thing: Arkansas House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills is confident that the lottery bill will pass and…wait, seriously, this? Still? Really? Christ. (AP)

Snow Worries: Freezing rain and snow forecasts don’t worry these Arkansas officials, because they’re real men and nothing at all like you, you pussy. (AP)

*UPDATE: The Fayetteville Flyer blog lands an exclusive interview with the Tweeting Juror.

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