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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 19

Updated: Apr 15

Inside the Hollowed, Weathered Cabinet: OK, everyone raise your hand if you believe, as does John Brummett, that a cabalistic Clintonite machine in Arkansas is advancing young Democratic candidates to challenge the damnable apostate Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me, neither. (Blake’s Think Tank)

The Hard Stuff: Proposal to hike taxes on “alcopop” drinks beloved by girls and, I don’t know, John Brummett, probably, fails in committee. Blogger Zack Stovall’s got some questions. (Unfamous First Words)

Annals of Gun Nuttery Update: Blogger John Anderson at the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association gives thumbs up to Democratic Rep. Mike Ross for work in opposing federal ‘assault weapons’ ban. (ARCCA Blog)

Baker Watch: Roby Brock gets reaction from Sen. Gilbert Baker to the “Draft Gilbert Baker for Senate” boomlet. (Political Buzz blog)

Mother’s Milk: Good news, moms!: Arkansas Senate OKs breastfeeding bill. Bad news: They’ll probably try to tax that milk, too. Zing! (AP)

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