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Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 2

Updated: Apr 15

Harvey to Huckabee: Passing the torch?

Radio, Radio: Iconic radio storyteller Paul Harvey, age 175, died this weekend. Will Mike Huckabee take his place? If this means he’ll drop the FOX News show, I endorse it. (Arkansas Times)

Big Boss Man: AP analysis details Gov. Mike Beebe’s influence on establishment of state lottery, which should surprise no one since House Speaker Robert “Robbie” Wills never makes a move without securing Beebe’s OK first. (AP)

Trackback: Now Gov. Beebe says he’ll unveil a website to allow tracking of federal stimulus funds spent in Arkansas, which should really be something since I’m pretty sure they’ll be distributing the money by flying over the state and dropping big bags of money out of a helicopter. (Talk Business)

Collegebound: Columnist David Sanders does not like this bill to undo the electoral college one bit, no sir. (Arkansas News Bureau)

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