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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 24

Updated: Apr 15

Arkansas Project publisher David Kinkade regales Young Republicans with tales of his adventures in a candid photo taken earlier today.

If you didn’t make it to the Central Arkansas Young Republicans lunch where I was speaking in Little Rock today, that’s probably for the best, because we just ended up talking about you and making fun of you behind your back. So if you’d been there it would have been really awkward.

Rubber Stamp: Sharp take on the “superfluous” Arkansas legislature from blogger Mark Moore: “There is no need to even have a legislature under their current operational philosophy.” (Arkansas Watch)

Painfully True: Fun post from Rep. Mark Martin on how to write a conservative activist e-mail. (Off the Marble) Baker Watch: Eagle-eyed Capitol reporter Rob Moritz spies Sen. Gilbert Baker, a rumored U.S. Senate candidate, talking to former GOP executive director Clint Reed in a hallway. Sounds like Baker is in—that’s all the proof I need, because I am an idiot. (Politics in Arkansas)

Card Check Watch: Pennsylvania’s Sen. Arlen Specter says ‘no way’ on card check bill. Blogger K. Ryan James wants to know, what will Blanche Lincoln do? (K. Ryan James Blog)

Why R: Now Jason Tolbert’s all over the race for the chairmanship of the Arkansas Young Republicans. Man, this guy. (The Tolbert Report)

Dave’s Twitter Hatred, Updated: Oh, look, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences announced their new chancellor on Twitter. Wow! What a remarkable technology! I mean, they already had the capability to broadcast this announcement, but now it can be done slightly faster! (Lance Turner Please Come Up With a Name for Your Stupid Blog Blog)

Never Mind: No more February primaries in Arkansas, because that idea turned out to be completely moronic. (AP)

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