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Stuff From Around Arkansas, March 25

Updated: Apr 15

Stalking Tall: Bill to expand the criminal definition of stalking fails in committee, which is bad news for that girl down the street who I like to spy on from the bushes outside her window. (AP)

Numbers Racket: Arkansas finance honcho says state budget numbers will look much less rosy going forward. (Arkansas News Bureau)

Up in Smoke: Oh, and that $86 million windfall the state was gonna see from Beebe’s big tax hike on cigarettes? Uh, yeah, about that…could you spot us $14 million till payday? (Talk Business)

In-tuition: Geez, that in-state tuition for kids of illegal immigrants bill, it just keeps coming back, like some kind of legislative zombie. (AP)

Twitterola: Slate blogger Mickey Kaus wonders, Is all this Twitter media hype the result of a paid mentioning campaign? Maybe this explains Blake Rutherford and Lance Turner’s ceaseless flacking of the service! Now…how do I get in on this? (Kausfiles)

I asked Blake for a comment on Kaus’s Twitterola allegation above, but all I got in response was this:

Man, that guy is goofy for Twitter!

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