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Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 6

Updated: Apr 15

Smokescreen: Democratic Rep. Keith Ingram was all for hiking taxes on cigarette smokers when he had to vote on the issue, but now he’s filed a bill to exempt his border town constituents in West Memphis from the higher tax. This guy. (Arkansas General Assembly site)

Dr. Boom: Feds nab Russellville doc for unregistered possession of hand grenades. So it turns out you’re not supposed to do that. (Arkansas News Bureau)

DOA: Attorney General Dustin McDaniel: “Don’t worry, my much-ballyhooed ethics reform legislation is dead on arrival.” Or is he just trying to make us think that so he’ll look more impressive when it passes?! Intrigue! (AP)

D-OA: Oh, look, the latest issue of my favorite magazine The Oxford American has a thumb-sucking series of articles on race and the South. What a relief! I was afraid they would go with a subject that had been done to death! (Oxford American)

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