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Stuff from Around Arkansas, March 9

Updated: Apr 15

Look who’s back! I took a couple of days off from the blog to skip out of town and hang out at scenic Lake Greeson. No Internet access meant time to catch up on some reading of “books.” Have you heard of these things? They’re really something else.

Deadline: It’s the last day to file bills for the 2009 Arkansas legislative session, which probably means lawmakers will try to sneak in all kinds of terrible things under the deadline. What evil lurks in the hearts of Arkansas legislators? (Under the Dome)

Coffin Nails: Smoke shop owners are finding that the new tax hike on tobacco is killing their business. At least one of them has tart words for the governor: “I curse the day I voted for Beebe.” (Arkansas News Bureau)

Shoot ‘Em Up: The conservative American Spectator takes a look at all the excitement in Arkansas over “Max’s Law,” passed in the state House last week to limit public availability of information on concealed carry permit holders. (American Spectator)

More to come.

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