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Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 1

Updated: Apr 15

Rick Rolling: This Rick Crawford fellow in Jonesboro, mulling a GOP challenge to Democratic Rep. Marion Berry, sounds like he’s all in on his new websitebloggything: “YES—I am planning to run,” he writes. What is this declarative statement? Where’s the extended Griffin-like tease? (Via The Tolbert Report)

H1N1Watch: Swine plague may be in Memphis, so we must blow up the bridges. (KAIT)

Fin: Well, so much for the 2009 legislative session, which formally ends today. (AP)

Ballot-Proof: There’s Sen. Gilbert Baker, a rumored challenger to Sen. Blanche Lincoln, heading up a group to fight union-backed card check legislation. What’s his angle? (AP)

Line of Site: Hooray, U.S. Rep. John Boozman has a new website! (John Boozman’s New Website)

Shell Game: Rep. Allen Kerr is taking Gov. Mike Beebe to task for “shell game” on taxes. The governor’s spokesman, he does not like all this backtalk. (Talk Business)

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