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Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 12

Updated: Apr 15

Healthy: Democratic Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor are being targeted in liberal group’s ads on health care. (Atlantic) And it goes a little something like this:

Taskmasters: Lawmakers increasingly forming task forces to study things. Concerned by this trend, lawmakers called for a task force to…yeah, you’re right, that one’s just too easy. Never mind. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Encompassing: The City Wire commissions comprehensive economic analysis of Fort Smith. (The City Wire)

RFD, RIP: Morning News of Northwest Arkansas will cut back home delivery of papers to customers in rural areas. In a related story, we’ll be carefully observing these areas to see if they collapse into “Road Warrior”-style anarchy without newspapers. (This Is My Blog by Lance Turner)

Hero Dog: Here’s a story about a hero dog in Fort Smith who saved her family from carbon monoxide poisoning, because it turns out The Arkansas Project is a total sucker for all stories about heroic pets. Also, be sure to have your speakers turned WAY up when you click on that link, so you get the full effect of the tragically terrible local auto dealer jingle that will greet you. (Southwest Times Record)

Zero Dog: Blue Dog Democrats like Rep. Mike Ross are unhappy at being locked out of the policy-making process in the House. Sounds like Ross is really “growling” over this one, huh? I guess you could say he’s really got “a bone” to pick with Nancy Pelosi, huh? Or maybe he’s “all bark and no bite,” huh?  I guess it’s “a dog’s life,” huh? Headline writers, feel free to run with these at any time. (New York Times)

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