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Stuff From Around Arkansas, May 6

Updated: Apr 15

Yes, things have been admittedly slow with The Arkansas Project in recent days. I should work on doing something about that.

Tops: Talk Business impresario Roby Brock debuts his list of top ten Arkansas legislators from the 2009 session, but you’ll have to read it in a PDF file. (Political Buzz)

Ticket Taker: Former U.S. Rep. Ray Thornton is the King of the Arkansas Lottery. (Arkansas News Bureau)

End of an Era?: Oh, no, will a school closure in Gillett lead to the demise of the Annual Coon Supper and Hillbilly Rite of Political Passage? Perish the thought! (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Stimulating: Why, I’m going to go purchase an iPhone right this very minute so I can track the state’s federal stimulus spending wherever I am, at all times! (Lance Turner: The Blog)

Starvation Wages: Little Rock based grocery wholesaler Affiliated Foods declares bankruptcy, so let’s go ahead and add “mass food shortages and famine” to the list of things we’re worrying about, just to be safe. (AP)

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